"“An impact tax is essentially a community ‘buy-in’ tax for new residents and businesses. In order to build a new home or business, developers and builders are assessed a tax to add or expand the public capital facilities or services that their new homes and businesses will need,” Plannin…

"“The public has had no time and no ability to weigh in with any opinions on it,” Clifton said last month. “It was literally done by, in my opinion, secret society without any transparency or public involvement for the city or for its residents. I find that extremely disconcerting.”

just another reason to NOT visit newark, could happen anywhere but two days in one week? btw why is this rag only printing black males doing the incidents? is that because the black males ARE doing them. watch out for riots and looting.

doors always locked, handgun kept handy, no problem.

on the way to south america in a container along with all the others stolen.

does not matter to me, do not go into newark. other shopping venues are free parking and no rude students to listen to or get out of the way when they walk four to six across down the sidewalk. parked in downtown newark and had vehicle stolen, go to philadelphia, wilmington not a problem

how about delaying the $700.00 increase in school taxes this year that I got since there will be no need for the money to support "sports"?

if the buildings are not used for students and busses are not used then can i get a refund on my school taxes that went up $700.00 this year? no busses used, no electricity, no daily cleaning, no staff, no maintenance but taxes increase.

george orwell 1984

and a referendum was just passed to get more money out of the taxpayers, I'm sure that is not put on hold. so we do not need air-conditioning, electric bills, building maintenance, cleaning but the collection of our taxes will continue and another referendum will be in the works needing m…