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I vote for the higher trash fee, provided I can shop on the open market for trash collection instead of being required to use the government monopoly.

Since enrollment continues to decline, why is the district so determined to keep staffing at the same levels? There are opportunities to reduce head count of teachers, bureaucrats, crossing guards, buses, food sevice workers, janitors, secretaries. . .

Wait! Are we still building the million dollar bicycle bridge? A dozen parklets as part of the mainstreet paving project from hades? Preventing construction of new homes on 6 acres which would have produced over $100,000 in tax revenue annually?

Okay, I guess 4 new fees and taxes ma…

Our choices were between 4 UD employees, and a community activist?

The delaware way!!

There are 13 state parks and recreation areas within a 2 mile radius. it is adjacent to white clay creek park, and william Redding park us across the street.

Chalk one up for bullying?

Wait a minute. I can drive over my garden hose all day without ruining it. But a single encounter with a car destroys an expensive fire hose???,

This IS the 21st century, right? And how do you fight a gas leak with a fire hose? The news doesn't mention any actual fire . . .

Once again special interests want to control someone's private property, and slash its value. And we keep wondering why taxes go up and up, along with rents, as NIMBYS try to cancel new homes.

Are they to dim to see what happened in california?

Excuse me: trash collections NOT FREE. Its paid for as part of our municipal taxes already.

Now the politicians are proposing a tax increase AND a trash collection surcharge.

Watch how many low income homeowners start d…

Nearly $5 million for target practice? This makes the $2 million bicycle bridge look cheap!!!

H Newark city government: the former Dupont/Remington outdoor range next door and behind the bank of america campus on Paper Mill Road is probably still availab…

So to sum up: my choices are an islamic school founder, and 3 government employees of UD?

Does anyone else see a problem here?

If a candidate in the ballot announces BEFORE the election that she will not serve, the ball…