Neither Here nor There

Does the council ever vote no to major re/development? I'd prefer not to have the added traffic on Barksdale Road.

Neither Here nor There commented on Newark candidate forum set for Tuesday

haha, yeah but he did come out of his hole the other day to knock on doors and shoot the breeze with people! I mean come on, that's politicking 101 right there!

So he earns a solid paycheck without having to bear the burden of paying any of the city's taxes and fees. Must be nice.

Neither Here nor There commented on Christina School District sets referendum ballot

Drop Wilmington from the district, close one of the high schools and consolidate, drop a few of the "admin" staff, etc etc etc ...

But no, the answer is No, no more money from our pockets to yours.

Neither Here nor There commented on Newark passes law targeting large unruly parties

Daaaaaang .... these kids just got so triggered they threatened to take their parties elsewhere! haha. I can only hope that in about five to ten years they'll be able to read their comments and statements from the other night and realize how childish they sounded.

To the bro claiming …

You do realize that none of the three streets you mentioned are actually in the town limits? Speed bumps are horrible anyway and they should be removed from the three NONE Newark roads you mentioned in your hyper sensitive whiny post.

Two Things:
1. You are a very negative person. I suggest finding a way to overcome that.
2. Dude, please please put your rants into one neatly packed comment. The multiple comments on the same article got to go!

Nice to have the Food Lion there now. Close to home and don't have to deal with the riff raff over by the Brookside Food Lion anymore now.

you live in a very negative world, friendo. Might want to get out of the basement everyone once and a while.

my wife and I sold our home of 10 years this past summer and we had the chance to move out of this city and district. However, our kid are in Charter and decided it made sense to stay local. I'm kicking myself over that decision now. If this referendum doesn't pass, they just keep schedul…