Kudos, Luto. Way to go!

No! Heck, NO! I have used that underpass daily for over 30 years. The people that hit that underpass are mostly college-age foreigners who can't speak or read English! The underpass needs to stay open!

I am surprised 20 people would bother to participate in such a joke of a meeting. Held at such a time as it was, when a lot of people are on vacation, tends to keep a lot of people away. Then the developer can tell the city about the lack of interest. The city's council can then take thei…

Regarding the last sentence in the article, there is no need for a fence. People are going to do whatever they wish to do. He is not the first, nor will he be the last.

What a surprise...

Really, a group that has helped pass laws in San Francisco? That's who the council will be hearing from? What a joke they are! 81,000 straws per day? What a joke! Maybe the city council should focus on something else a tad more important!

I agree, 5 years is simply not long enough. But the courts in this state are notoriously liberal; I'm surprised he got any time at all. He should have gotten at least 20 years in jail.

Released on their own recog? So they can do it again? What's the matter? Too many young black males in prison?

Another fine example of a human being!

Great! One of the last roads around Newark that is actually drivable, and the city is now going to screw that up! I've lived in Woodmere for over 30 years, seen all kinds of "improvements" around Newark, and they finally get to work on Casho Mill Road. Traffic, for the most part, …