---making offensive comments or committing other “microaggressions” that made them feel uncomfortable and unwelcome.----

It must be terrible to be part of that WOKE CULTURE.....they wake up every morning and then look all day for things that you find uncomfortable......unacceptable.…

---and anglers will be able to try their luck at catch-and-release fishing from a pier that juts out into the pond.----

With no natural water inlet from a stream or creek.....there will be NO FISH unless stocked. Is the bid out for fish stocking !!???

How is it OK to collect food donations for the poor during the virus outbreak......BUT NOT OK TO COLLECT FURNITURE FOR THE POOR !!?? POLITICIANS ARE SUCH HYPOCRITES !!!

We have mo ron s for politicians.....no donations for the poor.....just fill the landfill !!!

---Police were called to Tantallon Court in Abbotsford just after 4 a.m. Wednesday for a report of people trying to break into vehicles,....Officers arrived and arrested the teens – boys ages 13, 14 and 15 from Wilmington and a 17-year-old girl from Newport.----

What kind of parents…

---The boys were all out on bail for prior felony arrests and had been ordered to remain at home or given a curfew, Rubin said. ---

YEP....release them and they commit more crimes.....who would've figured that....

They are smart college students.....they'll figure it out soon.......start counting and stop letting kids in the house at a total of ten.....

---The administration also proposed outsourcing facilities maintenance such as HVAC and electric work to contractors, rather than continuing to employ in-house staff. That could save $1 million.----


---Among the options is a cut to the Chinese immersion program, though several board members seemed hesitant to reduce the popular program, which is a source of pride for the district ----



---And council decorum has improved to a level not seen in many years.”---- CODE FOR POLLY SIERER IS GONE !!!