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It’s been one heck of a summer in the world of sports … and it’s not over yet.

Here are some of my quick thoughts.

The DIAA did what it had to do in postponing the high school fall sports season until February. It will work, but won’t be perfect, and yet it’s better than not competing at all. Everyone involved, and I mean everyone, just has to be unselfish and patient and keep the student-athletes at the forefront of decisions as they evolve.

Wrestling and football have not been approved yet by the Delaware Department of Health. As a former basketball player and coach, and current broadcaster, I have no idea how the sport of basketball was approved. The amount of skin-to-skin contact and number of sweat-sharing instances is more than in football and involve a more variety of people than in wrestling.

I’ll miss Blue Hens football as much as anyone, but that cancelation was also a no-brainer. Not an easy decision, but one that had to be made. Kudos to UD for not waiting to be told what they were going to do but instead getting out in front of the decision. They continue to be a leader rather than a follower in response to this pandemic.

Major League Baseball has proven how smart the NBA and NHL were to create a bubble for their leagues. But at least MLB was smart enough to turn doubleheaders into seven-inning games. That coronavirus-fueled change and starting every extra inning with a runner at second base are rules that should carry over when we return to the new normal. And nobody misses seeing the pitcher bat in the National League.

Houston Astros coach Alex Cintron should be suspended for the season for taunting and then calling out Oakland's Ramon Laureano. And I would think this at any time, social distancing or not. Grow up coach! 

Please don’t tell me the Sixers are better off without Ben Simmons. They weren’t going to win with him, but they might not make it out of the first round without him.

Once the cancelation of college athletics at every level is official, the NFL would be foolish not to have a nationally televised game on Friday night and two on Saturday. Ratings would be at an all-time high.

The PGA and NASCAR have returned to play without a blip. And why wouldn’t they? Under normal circumstances, drivers can’t hear the fans and golfers don’t want to.

Youth sports the rest of this summer and moving into the fall are either going to be a godsend to families or be a major contributor to the state shutting back down. I’ve been to a variety of youth sports venues this summer and at every one of them, the atmosphere is the same – all kinds of signs requiring masks and less than 25 percent of the people wearing them. Usually even less than that.

I’ll wrap up with my thoughts on kids going back to school. It’s a no-win situation for districts. Half the families want their kids there, the other half don’t. The majority of teachers want to work virtually only because it’s what safest for them, their families and their students. NOT because it’s easier. Teachers are working harder this summer than they ever have before preparing for virtual instruction. I’m watching that scenario in my own house.

Stay safe and healthy … and wear a mask in public, required or not.

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