Christina School Board member Fred Polaski is seen in this file photo.

After two meetings of controversy, the Christina School Board agreed to hire the son of a board member to a new administrative position.

The new district dean, Brian Polaski, is the son of longtime board member Fred Polaski.

The administration recommended hiring him to a permanent position, but after concerns about transparency, the board changed it to a temporary contract so other people can apply for the position at the end of the year.

During a board meeting in October, board members Alethea Smith-Tucker, Donald Patton and Naveed Baqir balked at hiring Brian Polaski, who was included in a lengthy list of hires up for approval.

“I am not going to vote tonight, with the information I have, on someone who I need other questions answered about,” Patton said.

Polaski’s nomination came up again Nov. 9, and Smith-Tucker requested more information about the hiring.

”All I’m asking for is factual information,” Smith-Tucker said.

Patton expressed opposition to Polaski being hired with a permanent contract, arguing that he was the only person on a list of new hires offered a permanent contract.

Baqir said no board member argued that the dean shouldn’t be hired, but the concern was about the information provided to the board about the hiring process.

“We have a choice between having a contract vs. no contract,” Baqir said. “And I would go with a contract.”

However, board member Monica Moriak said it was bad form for the board to disrupt the personnel hiring process for certain individuals.

“I trust our administration; they’re professionals,” Moriak said.

Board member Claire O’Neal disagreed with Patton’s statement about Polaski being the only staff member who was offered a permanent contract, pointing to a teacher who was offered a permanent contract in the status change section.

The board ultimately voted to offer Brian Polaski a temporary contract. All the members voted yes, except for Fred Polaski, who abstained, and Moriak who voted no.

“I think it’s very bad form for the board to be picking on people we have issues with and deciding from a personnel standpoint that we will not be following the process for a specific individual,” Moriak said.

Brian Polaski’s name was not mentioned during the meetings. However, his position as district dean was the only new hire offered a permanent contract. Multiple sources confirmed to the Newark Post that Brian Polaski was the person whose hiring was being questioned.

Patton said that in his new role, Polaski will work with restorative practices, along with other programs. Polaski worked at the Christina School District for more than a decade before becoming dean of students at William Penn High School, part of the Colonial School District.

Brian Polaski did not respond to a request for comment. Fred Polaski declined to comment because his son is still going through the hiring process.

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