A recent fundraising effort by Shue-Medill Middle School students to support REACH students could be boiled down to the slogan, “AVID students reach out to REACH stars,” according to Joan Gregory, AVID Coordinator.

AVID – which represents Advancement Via Individual Determination – seeks to close the achievement gap through preparing students for college and larger society.

After the students attended a field trip recently, they donated some extra money to support students in the REACH program, which is housed at Shue-Medill.

REACH supports students with moderate to severe intellectual and physical differences from ages 2 to 21.

As part of their curriculum, AVID students try to improve their community. This time, they decided to look inward to their school community.

At an assembly last week, the AVID students gathered in the Shue cafeteria to give the REACH students a double-burner, purchased with the funds they raised through their donations.

“One of the best things about Shue-Medill Middle School is that it is a community, and our REACH students are part of that community. The outreach that you have all decided to do today is going to be something really beneficial to our students,” Jill Casey, principal of REACH, told the students

She explained that the double-burner will help teach the REACH students life skills, as well as academics, to help prepare them for independent living after graduation.

“By donating the cooktops to us, our classrooms will be able to take some recipes and make some food that they will be able to enjoy,” Casey said.

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