What’s the biggest issue currently facing the district?

The most immediate issue is getting our students and teachers safely back into our classrooms. Our biggest issue is challenging the misperceptions that persist in our communities. They are roadblocks to getting the job of educating our students done.

How can Christina best recover from learning loss suffered during the pandemic? Do you agree with the recent credit recovery expansion or should other techniques be used?

The best recovery is via every opportunity to engage students and allow them to be successful. I believe the administration is prepared to offer a variety of programs aimed at just that — from existing credit recovery, to tutoring, to extended year and intensive instruction, and then working with parents and families to help them assist their children. Everyone wants the best for our kids.

Some students have benefited from completely virtual learning. Should a virtual option exist for students even after the pandemic?

I believe continuing the virtual academy after we move to the “new normal” would require approval of DoE. I would also like to see our end of the year data and hear more from some students and their families as to their experiences especially related to grade level and school configuration. They are free to share those experiences with me via email: mitchell4csd@gmail.com I welcome and value the input.

The district is about to receive an influx of federal funds from the latest stimulus bill. How would you vote to spend that money?

I’d like to make sure we can continue our environmental updates to buildings and then invest in not just addressing “learning loss” but also providing opportunities for accelerated learning, and reducing the achievement gaps and disparities that existed pre-Covid.

Christina currently has the lowest graduation rate in Delaware. What would you do to try to improve that statistic?

Here’s a simple response to a complex question: do we want to improve the statistic or students’ school experiences and outcomes so they, and their communities, value them?

With increased competition from charter schools, how would you try to improve enrollment rate and public perception?

It comes back around to perception and misperception. I’m not sure the original intention of charter schools was competition. That was something ”reformers” and politicians focused on as a selling point. There are many successes in the district that some in the community either do not know about or choose to ignore because of misinformation. Our messaging needs to be bolder and our outreach to our communities wider. All schooling should be about kids! Please contact me or visit my website www.susanmitchell4csd.com to continue discussion on these topics.

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