Rotary scholarship

Cierra Hudson, left, and Lauren Lemire, right, each received $4,000 scholarships from Newark Morning Rotary Club. Clinton Tymes, center, presented the scholarships at their graduation ceremony on June 7.

Two recent graduates of James H. Groves High School now have a head start on paying for college, thanks to scholarships from the Newark Morning Rotary Club.

Cierra Hudson, 18, of Newark, received a $4,000 scholarship to attend Delaware Technical and Community College and begin her studies to become a nurse, specifically in the newborn intensive care unit. She is a single mother and worked at Dentistry for Children while attending evening courses to complete her high school requirements for a diploma.

Lauren Lemire, 26, of Newark, also received a $4,000 scholarship and plans to attend Del Tech to study medical sciences. She has two children, works full time at Walmart and took evening classes at Groves.

James H. Groves High School is for adults who for one reason or another were not able to complete their high school education in a traditional school setting. This year’s graduating class of 18 students ranged from 17 to 26 years old.

The Newark Morning Rotary Club has awarded nearly $80,000 in scholarships over the last 20 years to graduates of Groves School in Newark. The scholarships are awarded not only on financial need but also on the tenacity and determination of the recipients to further their education and reach their goals.

“These are very special graduates,” Clinton Tymes, chairman of the club’s scholarship committee, said in a prepared statement. “They have realized that their success depends on having that high school diploma. And they fight against many obstacles to get it done.”

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