Fulton Bank

Fulton Bank reopened in a brand new building on Main Street last week.

Fulton Bank

Fulton Bank reopened in a brand new building on Main Street last week.

The bank, which includes both a drive-thru and walk-up ATM, is part of a three-story, mixed-use building constructed by Lang Development Group.

Located at the corner of Main Street and Tyre Avenue, the new building replaced an earlier standalone Fulton Bank, which was demolished last fall. The bank operated out of a temporary trailer during construction.

The new building contains 6,000 square feet of retail space and covered parking spaces on the first floor, with apartments on the second and third floors. Fourteen of the 30 apartments have three bedrooms, and the rest have two, for a total of 74 bedrooms.

A rear parking lot extends into a grassy and wooded area behind several Tyre Avenue houses.

Fulton Bank will be joined by one or two other retail tenants, which have not been announced.

Chris Locke, senior vice president and general counsel for Lang Development, said last year that he hopes the property will attract “specialty retail” shops similar to those already located at the east end of Main Street, like Bing’s Bakery and Locke’s tuxedo shop, Formal Affairs.

“That area has already shown that can be done,” Locke said, noting that rent is cheaper on the east end than closer to campus, making it more feasible for smaller shops.

Locke said Fulton Bank has lent Lang money for several of its other development projects and approached the company about buying the property and replacing the old concrete building, which Locke described as “a bunker” and “an ode to 1970s architecture.”

“The building does not give a sense of modern banking. They know that and they want to update the building,” he said, adding that the bank also wanted to maximize its property value.

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