Delaware Avenue pothole

A project to patch the many potholes on Delaware Avenue will begin next week.

A project to fix potholes on Delaware Avenue and other Newark roads will begin next week.

The work will continue through Aug. 9.

The Delaware Department of Transportation did not release a detailed schedule, but city of Newark officials expect the work on pothole-plagued Delaware Avenue to start Monday and last only a day or two.

Crews will then move on to South College Avenue and North College Avenue, a DelDOT spokesman said. City officials said patching is also planned for Elkton Road, Old South Chapel Street and near the Casho Mill Road railroad bridge.

The work will be limited to weekdays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., and one lane will be open at all times. Flaggers will be on site to direct traffic.

“We have coordinated with the group that is responsible for Main Street construction and are aware that traffic may be inconvenienced for short periods of time and ask the public for their patience during this much-needed maintenance,” the Newark Public Works Department said in a statement.

While the Main Street project involves a complete reconstruction of the road, the work planned for Delaware Avenue and elsewhere only involves patching parts of the road and will move quickly.

Meanwhile, a more involved, yearlong repaving project on Delaware Avenue is planned for spring 2021, after the Main Street project is complete. That work will include the installation of a two-way cycle track for bicycles.

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Isaiah T

I thought the City spent considerable funds for a hot mix pothole patching machine a few years ago so they wouldn't have to do a short-lived cold patch. Is it being used, why not, or was it another wasteful expenditure. Many of the city roads are a mess..


Two way cycle track? Why?? Why encourage bikes to ride in the wrong direction? As if driving in Newark wasn't perilous enough. And, really? We will finally be able to go downtown after the Main Street project, but not so fast - more construction???

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