Main Street record store Long Play Cafe, which has provided Newark with a unique place to sit down with a coffee while shopping for rare music since 2019, will close its doors on Feb. 5.

Owner Brian Broad said the business is doing well, but his wife, Brenda, found a fantastic job in Pittsburgh.

“We achieved what we wanted to achieve here,” Broad said. We’re at the top of our game, and now we’re slowly building and maintaining it. It’s a shame that we’re closing because I know that would continue. I know we could keep a successful shop here for years and years, but we can’t turn this opportunity down.”

Broad plans to take the model he developed in Newark, which mixes a coffee shop, a record store and a concert venue together, and start a new Long Play Cafe in the Steel City.

Broad moved to Newark in 2017 after spending over 10 years in the Netherlands. Long Play Cafe was inspired by his experience abroad, where stores often blend records with other concepts such as a restaurant or barbershop.

“Newark’s been a fantastic place to be. All the other record stores, not just in Newark but all over northern Delaware, we get together at Wilmington Brew Works to sell records there,” Broad said. “There’s been good camaraderie.”

Long Play Cafe had its best sales year in 2021, with December being the highest grossing month since the business opened in spring 2019. One of Broad’s best memories of the store was a holiday party he threw for other businesses in Market East Plaza.

He added that he felt like the business had finally arrived when he hosted his first live concert there – a 2021 Valentine’s Day show featuring local saxophonist Khari Hayden, better known as Khayden.

“I told everybody that night that I could die happy,” Broad said. “I’ve reached my goal, I opened the store, it’s successful, it’s our first show. It wasn’t a big show, but it was so nice.”

Long Play has since hosted other concerts, such as a four-band punk show featuring local artists on Dec. 18.

Broad’s store was also known for being one the few North American importers of the Paradiso coffee blend by Italian company Caffe Musetti. Broad’s house-made pickles were also a popular option.

Broad does not know what will replace Long Play Cafe in Market East Plaza. He said the space has a full kitchen, making it perfect for a restaurant with lighter food options, like a sandwich shop.

Sara Coltman, who worked with Broad at Long Play Cafe for several years, singled out Broad’s unique approach to vinyl, taking great effort to clean records and provide information on them, as something that made the store special.

“We really enjoyed being part of the community and building a family,” Coltman said.

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