School supply drive

Volunteers pose with school supplies collected by The Newark Partnership in 2018.

School supply drive

The Newark Partnership has launched its third-annual school supply drive to provide items like pencils, staples and more to local teachers.

Executive Director Leann Moore said the drive began when the TNP heard that even though children receive supplies from organizations like churches, teachers didn’t receive the supplies necessary to teach, often spending hundreds of their own dollars on classroom supplies.

“We focus on what the teachers need versus what the kiddos need,” Moore said. “The kids are very well taken care of through the different local churches in the area, as well as a number of other nonprofits collecting bookbags and things of that nature.”

TNP will also distribute baskets to new teachers in the area, including a desk mat, pen holder, stapler, tape dispenser and other items for setting up their classrooms.

This year’s sponsors so far include the Newark Rotary Club, the Newark Area Welfare Committee, County Councilwoman Lisa Diller, the Newark chapter of the NAACP, the Friends of Fusion Foundation and the Newark Senior Center.

People can drop off items at three locations: Little Goat Coffee, the Newark Senior Center and Kirk’s Flowers.

Those interested in donating online can go to to purchase supplies that will be sent directly to the schools.

The drive will last until Aug. 15.

For more information, visit or contact Moore at 302-545-2732 or

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