Katie Hegedus

As expected, Katie Hegedus resigned just moments after being sworn in as the newest Christina School Board member. Hegedus had announced during her campaign that if elected, she would not be able to serve due to a family health issue.

Moments after taking the oath of office for the Christina School Board on Tuesday night, Katie Hegedus officially resigned from the position – just as expected.

Now, the school board is tasked with filling the vacancy.

Hegedus, who ousted two-term incumbent John Young in May, announced during her campaign that she would not be able to serve should she be elected, due to family health issues that arose after the filing deadline passed.

However, Hegedus decided to leave her name on the ballot to give voters a choice.

Voters weren’t deterred by the unusual circumstances, electing Hegedus by a landslide. The election saw the highest turnout for a Christina board election in the last 10 years, with Hegedus earning the most votes of any single candidate in that time frame.

Following her resignation Tuesday, the board discussed the steps for appointing a replacement.

“I thank her for giving the citizens of the district an opportunity to make a choice in the past election. I wish her family all the best going forward,” School Board President Meredith Griffin said. “But now, we as a board have a serious matter before us to both solicit and then review and make a decision about who will fill this vacancy until the next board election.”

The board will post “conspicuously and publicly” that it is taking applications, Griffin said. It will accept applications for several weeks, after which the board will conduct interviews with applicants and appoint a replacement for Hegedus during a public session of a future board meeting.

“We hope that there is interest to fill the vacancy,” Griffin said.

The replacement will serve until the next school board election in May 2020. Then, voters will select someone to serve the remaining four years of Hegedus’ term.

Applicants must be from nominating district D, which covers most of Newark, running from Cleveland Avenue to Old Baltimore Pike, and from South College Avenue to Salem Church Road.

Meanwhile, when Young took his seat at the dais for the last time in June, the school board recognized him for his 10 years of service with a plaque.

“The one thing that everyone here on this board can agree on is that our colleague John Young has served on this board very passionately, as he has fought for what he believes is in the best interest for not just students in the Christina School District, but students in the state of Delaware as it pertains to their education,” Griffin said.

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Still unbelievable that voters went for a person that was just fine with wasting ~$35,000 of taxpayers money.


She wanted to leave her name in the running to give voters a choice. She knew she was resigning so that just shows that the voters made a STUPID choice.I mean, really, why vote for someone that you knew was resigning as soon as elected?

Common Sense Newark

Our neighbors think this will be the end of the Christina school district. With the lowest graduation rate in the state, half capacity schools, pushing to raise taxes when ever then want without voter approval and now an unconstitutional appointment of an unelected official it really time to close the district. Appo district needs to take over.


---Young took his seat at the dais for the last time in June, the school board recognized him for his 10 years of service with a plaque.---- HEY JOHN....here's your hat what's your hurry.....no one wants your arrogance and hubris around anymore !!!


Why would anyone have voted for her, knowing that they were just handing the board the ability to select whomever they felt like? The board can't even handle our money well, do you really think that they'll pick someone good?

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