Alan Lee Fowler

Elkton-area resident Alan Lee Fowler, then 21, as he appeared for his mug shot in 2011 after his arrest in the Delaware shootings.

A Maryland man who committed a pair of shootings in the Newark area in 2011 received a 50-year prison sentence last week.

Superior Court Judge Charles H. Toliver IV imposed the sentence on Alan Lee Fowler, 23, of Elkton, prosecutors said, noting that they had asked the judge to sentence Fowler to 100 years.

Fowler stood convicted of two counts each of attempted murder and reckless endangerment, guilty verdicts returned by a jury after a trial in May, prosecutors said. But the judge dismissed one of those attempted murder convictions at sentencing, opining that evidence of Fowler’s intent was lacking, prosecutors added.

Court records show that, prior to the incidents in Newark, Fowler received a 30-month jail term for firing a gun at people in vehicles in Cecil County, Md., in two 2008 incidents.

“He’s a menace,” Deputy Attorney General Jamie McCloskey said Tuesday. “The shootings he did here resemble the shootings he did in Maryland. It’s what he does; he gets angry and he grabs a gun.”

McCloskey noted that, in one of the Delaware cases, a bullet fired by Fowler missed the head of sleeping child by approximately a foot and that two others wounded the nearby mother.

“It’s so fortunate that he didn’t kill somebody. This could very easily have been a first-degree murder case,” McCloskey said.

Prosecutors provided the following details of Fowler’s offenses:

The first occurred on July 2, 2011, after Fowler and an acquaintance had a heated argument over a woman and, before hanging up their phones, agreed to meet for a fistfight to settle the dispute.

Fowler arrived at the predetermined spot, outside a home in Robscott Manor, where he saw his rival and other people on the front porch. Instead of getting out of his silver Honda Accord, however, Fowler opened fire through his open window, peppering the home with several rounds but striking no one.

In the second shooting incident, Fowler targeted the wrong person in a shooting that he committed to avenge his older brother, Kenneth Wayne Fowler, now 29, who had lost fingers shortly after midnight on July 31, 2011, when he was stabbed during a fight at the Deer Park Tavern on Main Street.

An irate Fowler went to a home on Martindale Drive in Brookside at about 4 a.m., some three hours after the stabbing, erroneously believing it was the address of his brother’s assailant. Fowler was unaware that his intended target had moved out of the house months earlier, however, and that a woman and her two children – a son, 4, and a daughter, 10 – had moved into the place.

After Fowler and an unidentified man failed to kick open the door, he fired 12 to 15 rounds at the front of the house. Two of those bullets ripped through the house and hit the mother in the leg and arm as she slept in a front bedroom.

The woman’s two children were sleeping in that same room but they were not struck by the bullets, although one struck near the head of one child.

Fowler, who had fled to Florida in the wake of his second shooting, was arrested after he returned to this area in August 2011.

This marks the third time that Fowler has been sentenced for shooting-related convictions, with the first two occurring in Cecil County Circuit Court in August and October 2009 when he received two concurrent 30-month terms.

In one of those cases, Fowler stood accused of firing three 9mm bullets into the passenger side of Honda Civic occupied by a 20-year-old man in Elkton. Two of the bullets struck the Honda’s door while the third struck the victim’s hand.

Police later charged Fowler and his older brother, Kenneth Wayne Fowler, then 25 — the same brother Alan Fowler wanted to avenge in his ill-planned shooting in Brookside in 2011.

The other Cecil County case stems from a December 2008 incident in which Fowler stood accused of firing gunshots from his passenger seat in a moving 2002 Honda Accord near North East.

Both of Alan Fowler’s shootings in Cecil County related to a feud between the victim in the December 2008 shooting and his friends and the Fowler brothers, police reported at the time.

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