A New Jersey man is behind bars, charged with illegally entering a Newark apartment and raping a woman inside.

The incident happened Saturday morning in the Victoria Mews Apartments on O’Daniel Avenue, according to Lt. Andrew Rubin, a spokesman for the Newark Police Department.

The victim told police she woke up and found an acquaintance, Luis Rivera, in her apartment, Rubin said.

Police are still investigating how he got in.

“He entered unlawfully,” Rubin said. “She didn’t want him there. She didn’t let him in.”

Rivera, a 27-year-old resident of Penns Grove, N.J., tried to speak with the victim and became angry, Rubin said.

“They confronted each other and they argued,” Rubin added. “He began to assault her and it progressed to sexual assault.”

Rivera allegedly used his hands to strangle the victim and then raped her, according to police.

Eventually the victim was able to free herself and went to Newark Police headquarters to report the crime around 8:45 a.m. She was treated at a hospital for minor injuries.

On Tuesday, police arrested Rivera in Middletown. He was charged with first-degree rape and strangulation and jailed on $55,000 cash bail.

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