Jada Murray, a Christiana High School junior, is a volunteer at the Wilmington Manor Fire Company and also works with the veteran motorcycle club, Desert Knights of America Motorcycle Club.

Jada Murray, a junior at Christiana High School, has already experienced flames sparking around her, though luckily it was in the safety of fire school.

“At first, I was scared and I had my father go in with me,” Murray said. “After that, I started to get more comfortable and eventually my dad was sitting outside. When they lit the house on fire, I went in with everybody else.”

Murray is a volunteer at Wilmington Manor Fire Company and hopes to become either an EMT or firefighter. Along learning about the hazards of a burning building, Murray has assisted the fire company with community outreach events, such as handing out candy canes around Christmas.

“I really like helping people,” Murray said.

At school, Murray played a key role at the college fair, directing people to parking spots, lifting their luggage and taking them to their tables.

After Christiana High School adopted a highway, Salem Church Road, Murray and other friends helped volunteer to clean up litter.

“By the time we were done, we had 10 trash bags of trash,” Murray said.

Murray’s father is a member of the Desert Knights of America Motorcycle Club. She works with the organization to support veterans, such as raising money for a veteran with a prosthetic leg.

Outside of formal organizations, Murray finds the time for acts of kindness in her neighborhood. Murray helped one elderly couple with the yardwork for free, trimming their front and back yard and cleaning their drains.

“She said ‘how much do I pay you’ and I said ‘nothing,’” Murray said.

The only payment Murray got for the task was some homemade pound cake.

“I’m just involved in a lot of different things,” Murray said. “I like going out. I don’t like to be cooped up in the house all the time.”

–Matt Hooke

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