Red Roof Inn

A 15-year-old girl who was allegedly abducted in Maryland was found safe at the Red Roof Inn in Newark.

A federal grand jury has indicted two New Castle men for sex trafficking after the men allegedly abducted a 15-year-old girl in Maryland and took her to a Newark motel to engage in prostitution.

According to the indictment, Steven Maurice Williams, 38, and Harry Eugene Rivers Jr., 28, were “pimps, engaged in the business of recruiting, enticing, harboring, transporting, providing, obtaining, advertising, and maintaining by any means girls and women to engage in commercial sex acts” and carried out their sex trafficking by “force, fraud, and coercion.”

Federal prosecutors have also filed charges against a third defendant, Jessica Lynn Schaefer, 23, of Upland, Pa.

According to court records, Schaefer was working as a prostitute, and Williams and Rivers acted as her pimp, promoting her services through internet ads. Schaefer met the teen at a hotel in Delaware and introduced her to Williams and Rivers, who then drove the girl to the Knights Inn in Elkton, Md., near the Interstate 95 interchange off Elkton Road.

On July 14, Schaefer allegedly brandished a Taser and forced the teen to leave the Knights Inn and get into a car. Schaefer, Williams and Rivers then drove her to the Red Roof Inn on South College Avenue in Newark “for the purpose of engaging in commercial sex acts,” according to court records.

Witnesses reported the abduction, and Elkton Police issued a public plea for help locating the teen, whom detectives described as a “critically missing individual.”

Tips led Elkton Police to the Red Roof Inn, where they found the teen uninjured and arrested her three alleged captors with the assistance of Delaware State Police troopers and Newark Police Department officers, police reported.

All three defendants initially faced state charges in Maryland, but charges against Williams were dropped in deference to the federal case. If convicted in the federal case, Williams and Rivers could be sentenced up to life in prison.

Meanwhile, Schaefer received a five-year sentence — with all suspended but the 153 days that she had served in jail following her arrest — after pleading guilty to second-degree assault in Cecil County Circuit Court.

Federal prosecutors also charged her with kidnapping and conspiracy. According to court filings, she is involved in “pre-indictment discussions” with prosecutors.

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And another thing, what's with those lazy bums at the DOJ letting Jessica Lynn Schaeffer off with only a few months in prison? She aided in the abduction of a minor and child smex trafficking. But I suppose the lazy prosecutor was just glad to have her felony rubber stamped and improving his/her conviction stats next to these other two. What a joke our Department of "Justice" is.


I hope Bullwinkle000 and ssmcjm are the same person because that would mean there is one less heartless palooka in the Newark area. Where do you get the nerve to victim blame a minor who's endured smex trafficking? Are you pathologically stupid or just a sociopath? If this CHILD is in fact a runaway, there's no guarantee she's a delinquent. And even if she is, that means her parents failed her. If your teenage daughter is at a hotel without you or another relative, you're a negligent (at best) parent. Even if delinquency had been my most ardent desire, you wouldn't have found me at a hotel when I was fifteen, because... my. parents. aren't. bums.

Our society failed this little girl, she didn't fail us.


Hey Denizen: what is with your cute little "lingo??" What is "victim blaming" and what is "smex?" Your dialogue would have me believe you are a flake from the snowstorm that is blanketing Newark right now. Finally, why are you blaming society for failing this "little girl?" She is a juvenile delinquent who has run away. More nonsense language by calling her a "critically missing teen." Amen.

Rich black

Wait a minute! Its totally illegal for civilians to have tasers. Are you saying that taser laws dont work????


-----Schaefer met the teen at a hotel in Delaware and introduced her to Williams and Rivers...a "critically missing teen"----............. A JUVENILE DELINQUENT RUNAWAY !!




Yeah, I'd never heard that one before. "A critically missing individual"????!!!! A JUVENILE DELINQUENT RUNAWAY!!! Why do they need to make up a new name for this??? And they can put up all the new fancy dancy hotels they want in that area. It's still putting mascara on a warthog. It's the Rodeway all over again.

Rich black

Beige alert?


I don't care iif she was a purple elephant. Schaefer should have been charged with enough to keep her tail in jail for a very long time. There's a reason you're not considered an adult until you're 18.

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