Activists on both sides of the abortion debate held protests on the University of Delaware campus Thursday afternoon.

The rallies came a week after a leaked document showed the Supreme Court is poised to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, a dramatic reversal that would give states the ability to further restrict or outright ban abortion.

On the north steps of Memorial Hall, a couple hundred UD students – as well as Planned Parenthood officials and community members – rallied in support of abortion rights.

Rachel Brieger, a UD sophomore who helped organize the rally, was angered by news of the Supreme Court decision and decided to organize a way for students to make their voices heard.

“I got really, really pissed because it seems like we're going 50 years back,” Brieger said. “I just felt really, really helpless and I thought to myself, I need to do something. I can't just post on Twitter about how mad I am about it. I want to actually do something in real life and take some actual action.”

Brieger was encouraged by the turnout.

“I'm happy that UD students are politically active and I really hope to inspire more people to take action as well,” Brieger said.

Ruth Lytle-Barnaby, CEO of Planned Parenthood Delaware, thanked the students for participating.

“We're in a crisis,” Lytle-Barnaby said. “In my life, I have not seen this many people trying to get rid of Roe.”

On the other side of Memorial Hall, a smaller group of anti-abortion activists gathered.

That rally was organized by Kieran Singley and Rachel Brywka, two UD sophomores who have a child together. Their daughter, Elianna, was with them, dressed in a shirt reading “Clump of cells.”

Singley and Brywka said they want to see abortion made illegal and added that the Supreme Court leak gave them hope.

“We understand that there's a lot of protests for Roe v. Wade,” Singley said. “We're out here to kind of spread the word and bring up those voices that are unheard – the unborn – and even those that are afraid to come out and speak, afraid of criticism, afraid of backlash or in today's society, being canceled.”

Brywka, who lives off-campus with her parents, said raising a child while attending college can be challenging but is worth it.

“It's able to be done,” she said. “I mean, I took 19 credits and I breastfeed and she's only 8 months.”

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