The driver who killed a 74-year-old Newark man after running a red light while high on methamphetamines will spend the next five years in prison, a judge ruled this week.

William T. German, 27, of Garnet Valley, Pa., pleaded guilty to manslaughter in connection to the June 18, 2017 crash.

German was speeding and passing other vehicles on the shoulder of U.S. 40 in Bear.

The victim, John Crothers, was a passenger in a 2011 Kia Soul that was turning left from westbound U.S. 40 onto Glendale Boulevard. German ran a red light and crashed his Kia Optima into the passenger-side door of the Soul.

Crothers, a retired captain at the Minquas Fire Department in Newport, was taken to Christiana Hospital, where he died. His wife, Jacquelyn Scott-Crothers, who was driving the Soul, suffered serious injuries.

German suffered only minor injuries in the crash.

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I agree, 5 years is simply not long enough. But the courts in this state are notoriously liberal; I'm surprised he got any time at all. He should have gotten at least 20 years in jail.

Doug Just Doug

You're obviously haven't been part of the Delaware legal community for 30 years as I have, or you'd know our courts (and juries) are NOT notoriously conservative. I do agree the 5 years isn't enough, though.


Only 5 years? And we all know that it will be less than 5. For killing a man? Sounds like he should be locked up for 4 times the amount of time, at least. He is young enough that we will be released back into society and still have a long life, while the innocent man wasn't that lucky....

Rich black

He was given leniency because he was high on narcotics. Legal pot will reduce impaired driving fatalities, right?

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