1. What is the most important issue affecting your district in particular? How would you fix it?

I believe the most important issue facing District 3 is good fiscal management by city council. The council must be better stewards of the tax payers money; every budgetary consideration by the council must be scrutinized as necessary and needed before its approved.

2. The effects of the pandemic have left the city’s financial stability in question. How can the city take steps to shore up its finances? If necessary, how would you approach a decision between cutting services or raising taxes?

The pandemic hit hard, and the diminished capacity of commerce will by felt by the city’s coffers. Therefore, going forward, every financial decision the council makes must be closely scrutinized as necessary and needed. If need be, austerity measures should be put in place regarding city services, and not more tax increases. There are quite a few constituents in District 3 that are retired and on fixed incomes, and even a small tax increase would be a significant hardship.

3. How should the city approach development in a way that balances the growing population of students with the needs of residents?

The UD is obviously getting out of the student housing business, thus leaving the city to take up the challenge. The city should attract and groom developers that are willing to strike a harmonic balance between student housing needs and the needs of residential areas.

4. What specific steps should council take to improve the city’s relationship with UD?

Being a good neighbor is all about respect, I believe the UD needs to be more engaged and be willing to contribute more towards the financial health and welfare of the city.

5. What qualities or skills set you apart from the other candidate?

When it comes to government, whether it be Federal, State, or Municipal, everything is a process; if you’re building a parking garage or ordering a box of pencils, it’s a process. And I think this concept turns most folks off to the whole idea. I work for one of the largest Federal agency’s and I have for over 27 years, and it takes a unique set of coping skills and problem solving techniques to get things done. I’m also a certified mediator for said agency, and finding common ground and building from that is crucial in arriving at a resolution and then executing crucial functions that allows you to reach your goals.

6. Name one specific piece of legislation you would like to see council pass within the first three months of your term.

The city’s codes and regulations regarding land use and development are somewhat dated and need to be revised and upgraded. This will give city government expedient leverage with regard to developers who, in the past, have been able to out-maneuver the council due to antiquated building codes and regulations that traditionally kept the city’s hands tied.

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