Plastic Bag Ban

Gov. John Carney has announced plans to sign a bill banning most stores from giving out single-use plastic bags. 

The state Senate has given final approval to a bill that largely prohibits retailers in Delaware from providing single-use carryout plastic bags to customers.

The bill approved Thursday is aimed at reducing the amount of plastic bags cluttering landfills, littering roadways and clogging stormwater systems.

The bill applies to stores with more than 7,000 square feet of sales space, and chain stores with three or more locations having at least 3,000 square feet of sales space. The city of Wilmington could impose bag bans on smaller stores.

Restaurants are excluded from the bag ban, which also allows exceptions for bags used to wrap meat, fish, flowers or plants, or that contain unwrapped food items.

Gov. John Carney is expected to sign the bill, which would take effect Jan. 1, 2021.

“Plastic bags are a significant source of litter in our state. Many get stuck in trees or discarded on the side of the road," Carney said in a statement. "We know that very few plastic bags are recycled and many end up as litter in our communities. I look forward to signing this legislation, which will help clean up our state and give us another tool to protect our environment."

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So one more reason to shop online. Let them deliver over packaged items and close those evil retailers who every year keep paying licensing fees to the city and hire virtue signaling youths.


tired - what specifically bothers you? Since the article doesn't spell out what the increased costs are, help me understand, maybe I can sympathize with you.


I really hate this state. If I could get out, I would. They need to get out of my personal business. I want to know the addresses of the politicians who voted for this and the addresses of the naïve student activists, so that I can send them the bill for my increased costs. I am tired of people playing virtue signaling on my dime. If they want this horrible law, then they can pay for it. I didn't vote for this. I didn't vote for these politicians. And, I am sick of being forced to pay for things that I didn't want to. I thought that libs were all about freedom of choice. Or, does that only count when you want to kill your baby?

Isaiah T

The liberals you speak of who advocated freedom and choice all died 40+ years ago. It's not the liberals, per se, it's Progressives who have stolen their names. Remember Hillary saying she was a 1920's style Progressive. No one knew what she meant because we don't teach history any more. ..or care.


Are you in prison? Why can't you leave the state?


Single use plastic bags are absolutely horrible for the environment. A lot of them don't get recycled, and they take forever to break down. They blow around and go into trees and on the sides of roads, they go in water and fish and such get caught in them and some eat them. We survived before plastic bags and we will survive when they are gone. Nothing wrong with paper bags and reusable bags. It's not about personal business when it affects everybody else. They banned smoking indoors and people survived. Sometimes things have to be done because businesses will just take the cheap way out and not do what is good for the citizens and the environment. There are lots of things that we pay for that we may not want to. Car registration fees for example. I think it's a great idea and I am not a "lib." Also your comment about abortion is totally unnecessary.

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