Fall sports teams, like the Newark Yellowjackets shown here taking the field last year, won’t play until mid-February, according to the latest DIAA plan.

There will be no high school sports this fall as local schools continue to grapple with difficult decisions prompted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association's board of directors voted Thursday to delay the start of athletics and instead condense all the sports seasons later in the year. Under that model, fall sports like football will actually be played in late winter and early spring.

“Since interscholastic athletics in Delaware came to a grinding halt in March, the DIAA has been working to return our student athletes and coaches to participating in interscholastic athletics,” DIAA Executive Director Donna Polk said in a prepared statement. “We are thankful to all involved for their shared commitment to get sports back in the educational setting while realizing the significant benefit to the emotional, mental, social and physical well-being for student-athletes. We thank our member schools and community members for their patience to this point.”

DIAA will work with school administrators, athletic directors, sport committees and athletic trainers to determine specific season start dates.

Under the current plan, which is subject to change based on health conditions, the winter season will begin in December, the fall season will begin in mid-February 2021, and the spring season will begin in mid-April 2021.

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