A large crane is towering over downtown Newark this week, as workers use it to lift steel into place for an addition to a University of Delaware building.

The project is adding lab and storage space to UD’s Life Sciences Research Facility on Delaware Avenue.

The space will be used as transition space as UD prepares to rebuild McKinly Lab, which sustained significant damage in a fire in 2017, university spokesman Peter Kerwin said.

The construction resulted in the weeklong closure of part of Academy Street, as well as a lane restriction on Delaware Avenue. The closure, Delaware Avenue and Lovett Avenue, will continue through Friday.

This week marks the second time roads were closed to allow a crane to work on the life sciences building. In the wee hours of a frigid morning in January 2016, workers used a crane to lift into place a 15-ton, state-of-the-art functional MRI machine that students and researchers use to study the brains of humans, chickens, goats and other animals.

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