The Newark Center for Creative Learning will buy a piece of surplus land from the City of Newark for $10,000.

City council approved the sale Monday night.

“NCCL can probably make much better use of this than we can,” Mayor Jerry Clifton said.

The parcel in question consists of two 18-foot-wide strips of land that separate NCCL’s Phillips Avenue property from the city’s maintenance yard. Part of the land is on the books as a street called Holton Place, but the street is not active.

The school wants the land in order to build a fenced-in pathway for students to access a nearby field that it plans to purchase from a private landowner. City Manager Tom Coleman said the school’s students have used the pathway for years, but NCCL can’t build a fence there so long as the land remains owned by the city.

The purchase is the second recent land acquisition for the private K-8 school. Last year, NCCL bought a house next to the school building. The house is used for administrative offices, and the backyard is used for outdoor classrooms.

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