Glasgow High School

The Christina School District is moving its administrative offices to Glasgow High School.

Christina School District officials will move the district headquarters to Glasgow High School after they were unable to find a different location for the administration offices.

“We have spent months trying to find an alternative location for our district office,” Superintendent Dan Shelton said. “We looked everywhere in the city of Wilmington, and within the area of our district in Newark and Bear.”

The relocation project will cost up to $750,000.

“We’ve exhausted every option,” Shelton said. “At this point, the option left is to relocate the district office into a facility we already have.”

Christina did not have time to construct a new building, so the district was restricted to looking for existing office space.

Shelton said the Glasgow offices are a temporary solution until a plan and funding for a permanent new space is secured.

I’m calling it temporary because it’s not an optimal or appropriate way for us to conduct our business,” Shelton said. “But it’s probable we’ll be there a while.”

Board member Donald Patton said the Glasgow set-up is not unusual for a district office, noting that Brandywine and Red Clay school districts have similar arrangements.

The Christina administration office needs to leave its current location at the Drew Educational Support Center in Wilmington because the building will be torn down to create space for a new Bancroft school. Students will remain at the old Bancroft – located across the street from the district office – until the construction of the new school is complete. Then, the old Bancroft building will be torn down to make room for parking and athletic fields.

The district office has been in Wilmington since 2005, when Christina left its longtime home on Main Street in Newark, a building that is now home to the University of Delaware bookstore.

Christina choose Glasgow because it had the most room to accommodate the 65 employees who work at the district office.

They will occupy space that is currently empty or home to labs and programs that can be moved off-site. The new offices are located in a section of Glasgow High that was previously home to technical programs that are now housed in the Paul M. Hodgson Vocational Technical High School.

Some special programs, like adult education, will continue to have classrooms inside Glasgow High, but their offices will be moved to the Eden Support Services Center in Bear.

The district hoped to sell or trade its Wyoming Road bus yard in Newark to finance a move, but has not yet been able to make a deal. The 10-acre bus yard is surrounded by student apartments and University of Delaware properties.

“Potentially, that’s how we get out of Glasgow,” Shelton said, referring to selling the bus yard.

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