Editor’s note: Volunteers at the Pencader Heritage Museum have been digitizing old Newark City Council meeting minutes. They share excerpts with Newark Post readers in a weekly column.

May-June 1947: Renard George wanted sanitary sewer on North Street to serve his laundry. Storm sewers were also needed on Dallam Road east of Old Oak. Robert Wollaston had to give up his hope for a permit to build a store on Kells Avenue because there was strong opposition from neighbors. Pennsylvania Railroad was given permission to install warning lights at South Chapel Street crossing in lieu of protection by watchman.

Clifford Willis and the Newark Board of Education were instructed to install sidewalks on Haines Street and Lovett Avenue. Willard Daugherty would not be allowed to build a store on South College Avenue. Most town employees received a temporary 10 percent salary increase. Council replaced a tree owned by William Dean that was damaged by town employees. Council authorized purchasing a Ford Tudor Delux sedan for police department, cost $450 with trade-in. Tax rate for year was .25/$100 valuation.

Neighbors were complaining about noise from Continental-Diamond Fibre Company’s water cooling equipment and odors from their burning pit. Notices would be sent to industrial plants, railroads, and UD to take immediate action curtailing smoke nuisance issuing from their properties. Council would redeem at one or two $10,000 US Treasury bonds as needed. A demand note for $10,000 at 2 percent interest would be borrowed from Farmers Trust until bond money received. Three of four property owners complaining of tax assessment had it reduced: PRR Co, Price and Porter. Miss Katherine Steel received no relief.

See the original minutes at Pencader Heritage Museum, 2029 Sunset Lake Road. (Rt. 72 south of Newark.) Regularly open first and third Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Other times by appointment.

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