The Pencader Heritage Museum has been digitizing old Newark City Council meeting minutes and shares excerpts with Newark Post readers in a regular column. The museum, at 2029 Sunset Lake Road, is open the first and third Saturdays of each month from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and every Wednesday noon to 4 p.m.

September-October 1951: Woodlawn Avenue seriously needed repairs. Pennsylvania Rail Road’s Pomeroy Line blocked East Main Street for 12 minutes, which was unacceptable. A complaint would be forwarded to company headquarters.

A $5,000 note at Farmers Trust was paid off. Garbage collection on Capitol Trail within city limits was inadequate. Jack Hadley was awarded bid ($1,060) to install heating equipment in Academy Building’s council quarters. Housing for water pump was needed, but only one bid received. Bid unopened pending possible redrawing of requirements. Traffic tickets issued to a young man now on his way to Korea would be voided.

Messrs. Fader, Boden, Grettum, Stiltz, Maddock and Overbey were appointed to City Planning Commission. Speed limits needed to be established and posted in newly annexed areas. One of the water pumps was damaged by fire, but was repairable. Owner of property at northeast corner of East Park Place and Academy Street was asked to lay a sidewalk in the interest of pedestrian safety.

The City Alderman could retain of $1.50 of each fine imposed. Diamond State Telephone Co. received permission to break street in three places for extending phone service. Chrysler Corp took pictures of council at work for its story on Newark. Newark Recreation Association asked for funding of year-round activities. City would again collect ashes starting Oct. 21 with additional help hired. Bent Lane needed to be made passable. A traffic light was ordered for the intersection of South College Avenue and Park Place.

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