Editor’s note: Volunteers at the Pencader Heritage Museum have been digitizing old Newark City Council meeting minutes. They share excerpts with Newark Post readers in a weekly column.

April 1948: Water and sewer service would be extended out of town limits to George Leak and James Thompson if they paid cost of extension and $15 yearly sewer fee. (Note: This was probably at junction of Capitol Trail and Ogletown Road where George Leak had a garage. Town limit was McKees Lane.)

After the election, Ford McBerty was the new council president, and Dr. John Downes again was health officer. Betty Pennington’s wages raised from 65 to 75 cents per hour. Phoebe Sapp would get $95 every two weeks. All other employees would get a 5 percent increase. The American Legion was granted a permit for a carnival, and a committee was appointed for Memorial Day activities.

May 1948: Cash on hand May 1 was $15,743. The Wilson Company was issued a permit to build a loading dock. Farmer’s Trust received a permit for a $20,000 addition. Orville Little received a permit for one-room addition. The Church of Nazarene received a permit for an addition to the church. (This former church is now home of Chapel Street Players.)

Town engineer Price recommended nothing smaller than 66-inch storm sewer on Beverly Road. Later, council asked him to agree 54-inch pipe would be sufficient. Dr. Rees dedicated land for a street on/near Dallam Road. The treasurer was authorized to sell a $10,000 treasury bond if needed. City office employees were bonded.

All residents over 21 were to be registered and assessed. Application of Allan Hart to build 70 apartments on the former Mayer estate property on Elkton Road was denied due to public opposition. Mackenzie and Strickland received permit for garage alterations.

See the original minutes at Pencader Heritage Museum, 2029 Sunset Lake Road. (Rt. 72 south of Newark.) Regularly open first and third Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Other times by appointment.

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