The Pencader Heritage Museum has been digitizing old Newark City Council meeting minutes and shares excerpts with Newark Post readers in a weekly column. The museum, at 2029 Sunset Lake Road, is open the first and third Saturdays of each month from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

September 1948: The Estate of John Smith dedicated land to widen Corbit Street. Robert Neeson, town supervisor, was sent to Detroit for a meeting on urban planning. Travel expense money allowed was $150.

All outside privies on New London Road met state board of health regulations. However, wells there were in danger of contamination so city water line was extended.

October 1948: East Main Street, from the Pomeroy Railroad east, was in such bad condition motorists, were driving too close to the curb and endangering pedestrians. Herman Wollaston wanted to build a duplex on East Park Place between Manuel Street and Academy Street, but neighbors were opposed. The city had lost two employees to higher paying jobs elsewhere. Council would provide and erect Christmas lights. More traffic lights were needed on Main Street.

UD was reimbursed $460 for water and electricity, as its pool was used during the summer by Newark Recreation Association. A mimeograph machine was purchased for the city office. An electrical lineman was needed. Council would contribute the final $100 needed for a memorial honoring war dead when the rest of funds had been raised. Mr. Ewing offered to sell 44 acres of land for $2,500 for a town dump, but the offer was tabled.

Fifty dollars was contributed toward the Halloween parade. Council would move a fire hydrant and power pole from Newark Lumber Company’s entrance if company would bear the cost. James Hall wanted his property his property annexed to city, but the request was tabled. Dr. Welanetz received a permit to build a house costing $15,680.

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