The Pencader Heritage Museum has been digitizing old Newark City Council meeting minutes and shares excerpts with Newark Post readers in a regular column. The museum, at 2029 Sunset Lake Road, is open the first and third Saturdays of each month from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and every Wednesday noon to 4 p.m.

August-September 1951: There was another petition to rezone part of East Main Street from residential to business. The petition was tabled. It would cost $160 to paint town garage. William Barnard wanted to construct low-rent homes on East Cleveland Avenue. He was asked to submit a plot plan. A charge of $1 would be made if emergency calls for service (probably electrical) required checking inside residence.

Chief Cunningham requested a second police car. Developers of Pusey Pemberton property wanted permission to build 430 “more or less row type dwellings” on the tract. Councilman Diehl thought Council should permit some lower priced houses. Nottingham Manor needed five fire hydrants, but city crews were too busy to install the water lines. A contractor’s bid was four times the cost of using city crews. Work would be deferred for now.

A contractor refused to remove two trees in front of Cunningham property on East Main Street because they were too valuable a species to be destroyed. Fire insurance for town property would be purchased after survey regarding specific needs. Property owners were responsible for sewer line from curb to building. As only the current garbage collector bid on a new contract, council would re-advertise for bids.

Grading on the E. Cleveland Avenue extension would be completed when the final elevation was set. Motion made to continue working with State on extending Delaware Avenue to eastern town limits, but not to connect with Delaware Circle.

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