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Out of the past

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The Pencader Heritage Museum has been digitizing old Newark City Council meeting minutes and shares excerpts with Newark Post readers in a weekly column. The museum, at 2029 Sunset Lake Road, is open the first and third Saturdays of each month from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and every Wednesday noon to 4 p.m.

June-August 1950: Mrs. Pie complained that the town water tank overflowed and froze on her trees, thereby damaging them. Council would see to trimming trees. Errant baseballs from the Continental-Diamond Fibre Company field were damaging houses on Haines Street. Parking meters were coming to town over objections of merchants. The meters would accept pennies and nickels for up to one hour of parking.

Sewage was still backing up in houses at the corner of Wollaston and Kells avenues. The Pennsylvania Railroad wanted to install automatic gates at the Chapel Street crossing. Speeding and illegal passing were a problem on East Main Street at town limits. The state board of health urged more frequent inspections of eating establishments, but the board couldn’t do it due to insufficient staffing. Delaware Safety Council awarded a medal to Newark because of no fatalities in town during 1949.

The NAACP wanted an African-American appointed to fill unexpired term of Councilman Levis. Council donated to the Iron Lung fund being organized by VFW Post 475. Council would donate free utilities and use of town truck as needed by Newark Recreation Association for summer activities.

The magistrate collected $685 in fines in May. A new Ford police car cost $999.50, with $884.90 trade-in. The car would have a 110-horsepower motor and heavy-duty clutch as well as numerous other accessories including directional signals, heavy duty battery, and windshield washer. The town woud remove trees extending over curb line unless property owners assumed responsibility. The tax rate for the year was set at 30 cents/hundred.

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