Springsteen at the Balloon

This week’s Out of the Attic item is a Newark Weekly photo of Bruce Springsteen performing at the Stone Balloon 45 years ago this week.

The Boss came to Newark in August 1974 for a show that “blew life into the tavern’s time-tired crowd and by show’s end left many gasping for breath,” as Newark Weekly reporter Jeff Crossan described it in a review of the concert.

Springsteen, then 24, had two critically acclaimed albums behind him but was still early in his career and would not release his breakthrough album, “Born to Run,” until the following year.

“Springsteen and his five-piece band hit the Balloon stage like a thunderbolt, igniting the capacity crowd to a hand-clapping, foot stomping rage with the opener of “Spirit of the Night,” perhaps the band’s most widely recognized recording,” Crossan wrote. “And Springsteen managed to rekindle the emotional blaze song after song for his entire up-tempo, two-hour set.”

The show left the crowd wanting more.

“I’m going to miss work tomorrow, but that was one helluva show,” one attendee told Crossan.

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