Out of the attic - Dameron Farm

This week’s out of the attic item is a 1960s-era photo of the Dameron Farm, the site of current-day College Square Shopping Center.

The photo is looking south, with the CSX railroad tracks running along the bottom, and Aetna Fire Hall and the A&P (now the SpringHill Suites hotel) at the bottom right corner. At the right is Newark High School and George Read Village.

The photo was published along with a June 1968 Newark Weekly article reporting that the 72-acre farm was annexed into the city of Newark.

At the time, the property was used to train racehorses. The article reported that the University of Delaware was interested in the land, but the owner ultimately decided to ask the city to rezone it for commercial use.

However, College Square wouldn’t be built until the 1980s.

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I see the old A&P and Aetna Fire House. What was that other building to the left of them (where the car dealership is now)?

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