There are many hidden treasures that make the Newark community a very special place.

Longtime residents often overlook opportunities that are right around the corner. As we enter later stages of life, we may find more time to take advantage of local offerings and share them with children and grandchildren or visitors to the area. We may even find purpose by lending our expertise.

The arts are very well represented around town. The University of Delaware offers world-class musicians, professional theatre and many student performances. The university also welcomes visitors to several galleries and other exhibits located around campus. Other arts organizations are open to community participants: the Newark Symphony Orchestra, Delaware Dance Company, MidAtlantic Ballet and the Chapel Street Players. These organizations have regular performances that are open to the public and offer opportunities to showcase the talent throughout our community.

The Newark Arts Alliance offers camps, classes and a wonderful gallery highlighting many local artists. Another small hidden treasure is the Newark Senior Center Gift Shop, featuring hand crafted gifts. These unique shops may be just the spot to find that item for someone special.

The Newark History Museum and Pencader Heritage Museum offer opportunities for local history buffs. The Iron Hill Museum provides opportunities for those interested in the natural sciences. These organizations have many volunteer opportunities where you can connect with others of similar interest and maybe event serve as a mentor to nurture the curiosity of our young students.

Newark is home to several bike-oriented groups: the Newark Bike Project, BikeNewark and Velo Amis provide opportunities for cycling enthusiasts. These organizations also provide camps, help work with youth throughout our community and raise needed funds for other local nonprofits.

There is another organization that is truly unique. The Dickinson Theatre Organ Society is celebrating its 50th year in our community. The organ has a very interesting history and features a variety of artists and musical genres in the coming year. It is the fourth-largest theatre pipe organ in the world – imagine, right here, near Newark!

So much more information is available including event schedules, fees, etc., simply google the organization. The Newark Partnership is also working on a directory that will be posted on their website: This directory provides more details about the services provided by non-profit organizations serving Newark.

Newark is rich with opportunities and possibilities. There truly is something for everyone.

Carla Grygiel is executive director of the Newark Senior Center. She writes a regular column in the Newark Post that highlights issues facing seniors in Newark.

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