So many in our community have been impacted by COVID-19. For a while, very few people knew anyone who had been affected. Now, many know of someone who has been affected in a very serious way.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our frontline workers. The nurses, doctors, and other staff at our local hospitals who have done an incredible job helping some of the most vulnerable in our community. For the most part, members who have experienced the health care system first-hand are so grateful for the support they have received. Many people who have made it through COVID-19 still experience some very challenging side effects.

One of the most challenging side effects of this disease has been the impact on our mental health. The importance of staying connect to others has been magnified during this time. Although there are some in-person resources, there are also many virtual resources available that may provide just enough social connection to add a sense of normalcy.

In a few weeks, the Newark Senior Center, in collaboration with Easterseals, will be hosting a “Better Self-Better Living” Virtual Wellness Expo. Please visit for more information and to register. We are excited to offer workshops and community resources in a reimagined environment.

I would also like to thank the service providers who have helped vulnerable individuals through this difficult time. Those dedicated workers and volunteers at the Food Bank, the army of staff and volunteers at testing sights, the school workers who have provided lunch to so many children and of course our own Meals on Wheels volunteers.

Many agencies and organizations have received support through the United Way, the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Enhancement, the State of Delaware, and generous supporters. They have worked tirelessly and given generously to ensure that we all have the resources that we need to help others.

This past year has given many of us the opportunity to consider the importance of a strong community and a strong support system. It is very gratifying when we see a genuine sense of appreciation for those who have helped us through this challenging year.

Carla Grygiel is executive director of the Newark Senior Center. She writes a regular column in the Newark Post that highlights issues facing seniors in Newark.

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