The Department of Transportation (DelDOT) announces that Middletown based contractor Mumford & Miller has completed a $12.2 million contract to build the new Christiana Mall Road Bridge over Route 1.  This project included work to build the new bridge and roadway approach tie-ins to the Christiana Mall “ring-road,” will be open for traffic in both directions Friday.  The project also included redesign and drainage work to the existing storm water management pond. The relocating of the bridge, 525 feet south of the original one, is necessary for the construction of the high speed connecting ramps. The removal of the old bridge accessing the Mall from Route 1 will be removed as part of the interchange/overpass project.

Completion of this project, which began February 28, 2011, features three twelve-foot lanes facilitating traffic entering the mall, and two twelve-foot lanes exiting the mall. 

This work is part of a multi-year, multi-project I-95 Improvement Program that has included work at the Churchman’s Road/Route 7 Intersection, the Churchman’s Road Bridge over I-95; the I-95 Fifth Lane widening; and the reconstruction of the I-95 toll plaza in Newark. 

The final project of the I-95 Improvement Program, which began late last year, is the construction of the new I-95 & Route 1 interchange/overpass ramp system. Increasing traffic volumes and development south of Route 1 has led to deteriorating levels of service within the area of Christiana Mall and the Route 1/I-95 interchange. This project will add high speed connecting ramps from both northbound Route 1 to northbound I-95, and from southbound I-95 to southbound Route 1, as well as the removal of the current Christiana Mall Road Bridge.

Details on all the proposed projects can be found online at

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